Deeper experiences with brand messaging through interactive creative executions


Our products deliver targeted awareness and clicks around new products, campaigns, or content.


Premium products deliver creative display and video advertising in innovative and engaging experiences across platforms.

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Mobile Leaderboard Mobile 320 x 50
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High Impact DIsplay Campaigns

Working with clients to ideate and target a customized advertising campaign across our various channels with the potential for highly impactful integrations exposing your brand to millions of users.


MERRY JANE offers various types of sponsored content integrations that organically present your business goals to our audience. Spanning across video and digital editorial content, MERRY JANE offers comprehensive content marketing opportunities that span across our channels.


By partnering with MERRY JANE we can work together to integrate your product across our verticals. Organic video integrations allow for a direct interaction with our audience. MERRY JANE can also introduce celebrity partners to your products to amplify social messaging and campaign impact.


MERRY JANE is consistently developing new video series to cater to and build our audience. MERRY JANE’s video content reaches millions of monthly viewers and feature distinct content types. Integrating your brand into MERRY JANE video content can directly offer our audience a deep understanding of your brand.

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