MERRY JANE offers a variety of high impact, interactive ad units that can be customized to meet the needs of your campaign. Our advertising product solutions address our audience across all platforms, with rich media capabilities spanning mobile, tablet and desktop as well as integrations across our video series and events.


Our publishers target a youthful cannabis-friendly 18 to 34 year old Millennial audience, from a global to local level. Joining MERRY JANE can allow your media destination to reach a wider audience and increase total revenue.

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With a results-orientated marketing and sales team, we offer your business a variety of advertising and promotion services focusing strictly on your goals. From online to offline, we provide results-orientated strategies that can help increase visibility

Press Mentions

“...MERRY JANE is built with the purpose of raising and continuing the conversation around cannabis via original videos, editorials, and interactive tools, becoming one of the fastest growing lifestyle sites in the cannabis space.” - Variety

“Highly Productive is just the first in a line of offerings available at MERRY JANE’s website and YouTube channel.”- LA Weekly

“You’d have to be high to miss the point: Snoop wants to sell Mainstream America on the cannabis lifestyle.” - CNET

“MERRY JANE is providing the marijuana business with a definitive destination for brands and retail locations.” - TechCrunch

“In the digital space, MERRY JANE is becoming one of the fastest-growing lifestyle sites in the cannabis space” - Variety

“MERRY JANE is a way to gather the top-tier influencers and content creators in the space and share communication around cannabis” - Venture Beat

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